chapter  7
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‘Care for the Churches’

Calvin did not hesitate to lecture Melanchthon on what ultra-orthodox followers of Luther, known as 'Gnesio-Lutherans', meaning 'real Lutherans', saw as his unsoundness on the doctrine of predestination, allowing the human will some role in justification. At the same time, Calvin sought agreement over the issue of the eucharist. The Farrago was in the form of a warning to Lutherans against the dissemination of Calvin's opinions - Westphal invented the term 'Calvinist' - throughout Switzerland, England and France. Calvin's treatments of the eucharist in the Petit Traicte de la Cene and also in his 1546 commentary on St Paul's first Epistle to the Corinthians were held up for execration. In spring 1554 Bullinger warned Calvin that the Consensus Tigurinus had come under fire in Germany. After Calvin promised to deliver a rebuttal, Westphal became his prime target for polemics on the subject of the eucharist.