chapter  5
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Systemic Dynamics in Relational Theories

This chapter will address the intrapsychic and interpersonal levels of human perception, feeling, and experiencing, and will attempt to disclose the developmental palette of intrapsychic psycho-organic structures. The development of these structures is founded on our experiences of relationships with signifi cant others in early childhood in the primary family system (Cummings & Davies, 2010; Ringstrom, 2014; J. S. Scharff & Scharff, 2014; Siegel & Solomon, 2013). Relational models and theories do not explicitly refer to the system, but rather implicitly apply it. Similarly, systems theory does not explicitly mention intrapsychic and interpersonal dynamics, mechanisms, and confi gurations, despite the fact that they form the foundations for the system and the relationships encompassed in it. And yet systems theory cannot explain even the most basic systemic characteristics without them. It is impossible to defi ne, clarify, and validate the core of the human psyche without the integration of these three levels-intrapsychic, interpersonal and systemic-for they provide the cradle for the most deep-seated experiences of interpersonal relationships.