chapter  1
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Impressionistic Introduction

A recollection in three voices

The first soloist is a former co-therapist, author's partner in psychodrama, Claude Lepineux; the second is young participants in those long-ago workshops, a girl who decided to call herself Shanti. The workshop is a ritualized space, and children's psychodrama is a particular space where rituals that have been developed over years take on a structuring quality for the group, for each child, and also for the therapists. The welcoming ritual of drawing together around a table. This created an intermediate space for each of us between the everyday world and the psychodrama. These generally calm and collected moments facilitated the emergence of feelings and emotions. The workshop and the psychotherapists play the role of catalysts in promoting the differentiation of the children and the recreation of their self. Shanti is currently working for the French educational system. She runs special classes, providing help for illiterate immigrant children of different ages to prepare them to attend "normal" classes.