chapter  10
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The Role of the Group in the Socialization of the Children

The most significant change in theoretical focus has taken place as a result of modern research on infants. It is in this regard that the title of Daniel M. Stern's book, The Interpersonal World of the Infant, is significant. Much earlier, Alfred Adler had also situated the model of humanization in the maternal-child relationship, and beyond that, the model for all social relationships and, by extension, the bases for all socialization. In child therapy, the treatment of children with problems with the exception of approaches like family therapy individual treatment is still the principal method. Children who are raised in such conditions become excluded from all community. They need a defense that protects them from this unfriendly pressure, this sense of ever-present danger. Adler also considered that the course of development of the spoiled child is damaged by the difficulty of becoming autonomous, and that they risked remaining permanently dependent.