chapter  13
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Virtual World and Psychodrama

Television burst upon the lives of children over the course of the last century. The virtual world mesmerizes children. Games accessible on the computer, game consoles, tablets, and iPhones are the rage. Children spend several hours of every day playing them. The special relationship with the computer would thus appear to offer a way to escape a frustrating reality. Adlerian children's psychodrama sets for itself the task of letting children stage their conflicts, their anxieties, their desires, and their aggression, so they can locate the means to overcome them in themselves. This is how psychodrama helps to restore self-esteem in children and adolescents, and allows them to give up the symptoms that have become obsolete, recover their equilibrium, and heal. The aim of Adlerian children's psychodrama is to encourage the development of a process of self-healing by allowing children who have been traumatized by their lives and psycho-affective difficulties to express their problems in a symbolic language.