chapter  7
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Group Therapy with Abused Children

Abused children constitute a special sub-group of children at risk. They experience a negative self-image that is especially intense, and they suffer from an acute sense of guilt and self-deprecation, which they are forced to take on in order to preserve family homeostasis. One of the principal aims of all Adlerian group psychodrama for children is to restore their self-respect. In the framework of group therapy, we try to help them emerge from their painful sense of devaluation and strengthen their inadequate narcissism. Little Karine was the daughter of this man, who was subsequently given a long prison sentence. Karine reminded her mother of her troubled past. This is how she became a scapegoat and an abused child. Shanti chose the role of the mother. Shanti presented with all the stigmata of marginal children difficulty expressing herself, poor school performance, and withdrawal.