chapter  8
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Behavioral Problems

The psychological development of such children creates the vicious cycle of abuse, victimization, and maltreatment. It is these abused children that Winnicott calls children with a hateful self image. "The aggressive child tends to elaborate his sense of superiority, to pretend he is better than everybody. This need comes from a sense of insecurity, and the need to compensate becomes very strong". Psychoanalysts and psychodramatists emphasize that aggression is often called upon to compensate for a lack of confidence in oneself. Christiane Lutz says that one often discovers a great deal of internal insecurity in children who are excessively aggressive. In such children, the dyad of fear and aggression has trapped them in a vicious circle and compromises their relationships with other children. The child experiences intense fear and fears that the adult's aggression threatens to annihilate him. One of the most affecting aspects of aggression is aggression directed against the self, self-destruction, violence directed against oneself.