chapter  5
30 Pages

Framing in Islamic environmental organisations

WithRosemary Hancock

This chapter analyses the authors' data – face-to-face interviews and textual material produced by Muslim environmentalists – through the lens of framing theory. It poses a number of questions: what kinds of cultural symbols and practices are adopted by movements in their frames? How are varied ideologies and symbols synthesised and framed by social movements? What new kinds of culture emerge from framing processes? What types of frames are common across all movement organisations, and across all movements? What purposes do the frames fulfil? The chapter simply shows that the extensive use of Islamic symbols and narratives by Muslim environmentalists confirms that religion is an important aspect of culture used in framing processes. It is now clear that the Muslim environmental activists have adopted both Islamic symbols and practices and, for those with experience and exposure to secular environmentalism and left-wing grassroots activism, the language and practices of those cultures, too.