chapter  4
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Public collections and museums

WithJeffrey Taylor

The growth of museums, both in the creation of new ones and expansion of older ones, has served as the under-pinning for a vast increase in the amount of art consumption that now occurs in the leisure sector. Our current-day museums have come in to existence in many different methods, and each museum's history is a narrative peculiar to itself. In terms of museum collections, four distinct profiles can be identified: Art Museums, History and Material Culture Museums, Natural History Museums, and University Museums. University museums, however, can frequently become a burden if the institution's profile becomes muddled. Many important Jewish art collections were plundered by the Nazis and these works often ended up in European museums after the War. Much of the inspiration for the Museum of Jurassic Technology came from the early proto-museums that we call Cabinets of Curiosities or Cabinets of Wonder.