chapter  5
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Beyond Identity Politics
WithPirkko Markula

Deleuze (Deleuze & Guattari, 1987) located our lives within society segmented by molar and molecular lines. The rigid molar lines organize individuals into binary identities (e.g., women/men, black/white, young/old, hetero/homosexual, able-bodied/disabled, lower class/upper class). The majority of analyses of the physically active body have also focused on identifying how the body represents these identities. While the molecular lines offer some space to move within the rigid molar categories, both lines sustain the existing capitalist formation of power and politics. Deleuze advocated “becoming” as a way out of the binary organization of segmented identities. In this chapter, I explore how Deleuze’s concept of becoming can be used to go beyond the analysis and critique of oppressive/oppressed identities to think differently about the moving body as an individual and social process.