chapter  7
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Deleuze on Foucault
WithPirkko Markula

Many researchers in sport sociology, coaching sociology, physical education, sport and exercise have embraced Michel Foucault’s poststructuralist work much more eagerly than Deleuze’s philosophy. Foucault and Deleuze, however, believed that their poststructuralist works complemented each other across several levels. As a testament to this connection, Deleuze (2006) wrote a book titled simply “Foucault” to commemorate Foucault’s death. This chapter will highlight the inspiration Deleuze drew from Foucault. It draws particularly from two concepts: discursive formation and the fold. In addition, it includes Deleuze’s concept of control society that he developed from Foucault’s work. By introducing these concepts, this chapter can contribute to the discussion of how to know differently about the physically active body and thus, harness its force to create social change.