chapter  7
21 Pages

Multiple Professional Commitments of Mobile Scientists as Resources of Hierarchization

On Transnationalized Boundaries within the Assemblage of Science
WithAnna Amelina

This chapter addresses the multiple and multilocally organized professional commitments of mobile scientists as essential for the unequal distribution of scientific reputation within the landscape of science, with the practices of geographical mobility being understood as practices of spatialization that impact scientific practices. It argues that the geographical mobility of scientists is inequality-generating for and within the landscape of science. The chapter analyses academic internationalization policies that contribute significantly to promoting the mobility of scientists as one of the mechanisms of scientific inequality. It illuminates mobile scientists’ experiences of inequality, which are co-produced by the internationalization policies and by political regulations on the migration of third-country nationals. The chapter suggests that the domain-specific premises of science and the intersectionally generated sociocultural boundaries play a significant role in processes of hierarchization within the assemblage of science. Bourdieu’s notion of social fields as areas that are organized primarily around particular logics unintentionally presupposes Eurocentric connotations as well as gender and intersectional blindness.