chapter  8
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Female Migrant Care Workers as Prisoners of Multiple Obligations

Transnationalized Boundaries within the Assemblage of Care
WithAnna Amelina

Multiple and multilocally organized care obligations are the condition in which married female care workers provide more care resources than they receive, and their self-image is characterized by strong emphasis of moral superiority. This chapter shows that in contrast to their husbands, their distant parents and their employers, female care workers accumulate disadvantageous experiences within the care assemblage in the context of both waged and non-waged care. The fact that it is challenging for migrants to maintain face-to-face contact with their significant others in the other country was described by male and female interviewees in Germany and by their relatives in Ukraine as ‘difficult to deal with’ and even as ‘traumatic’. The chapter aims to specify the societal context, mechanism and pattern of transnationalized inequality with regard to the nexus of gender, migration and care work. It describes the special benefit of the assemblage heuristic for the analysis of the empirical study of Ukrainian female migrants’ care obligations.