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Section IV Conventions

Article 1 In this convention the following words are employed with the meanings set out below –

(a) ‘carrier’ includes the owner of the vessel or the charterer who enters into a contract of carriage with a shipper;

(b) ‘contract of carriage’ applies only to contracts of carriage covered by a bill of lading or any similar document of title, in so far as such document relates to the carriage of goods by sea; it also applies to any bill of lading or any similar document as aforesaid issued under or pursuant to a charter party from the moment at which such instrument regulates the relations between a carrier and a holder of the same;

(c) ‘goods’ includes goods, wares, merchandise, and articles of every kind whatsoever except live animals and cargo which by the contract of carriage is stated as being carried on deck and is so carried;

(d) ‘ship’ means any vessel used for the carriage of goods by sea;

(e) ‘carriage of goods’ covers the period from the time when the goods are loaded on to the time they are discharged from the ship.