chapter  10
The Vietnam War: The Final Phases, 1967–1975
ByAdrian R. Lewis
Pages 262

For the first time in modern history, the outcome of a war was determined not on the battlefield, but on the printed page and, above all, on the television screen. The role of the media in the Vietnam War has been greatly debated. It has been argued that the media played a decisive role, that the will of the American people to fight the war was destroyed by the distorted, inaccurate, one-sided, anti-military, liberal press. The Vietnam War was not lost in Vietnam. The armed forces of the United States could not win the war under the strategy and doctrine of the Johnson Administration, but arguably they also could not lose it. Between the Korean War and the Vietnam War a number of factors came together to change the relationship between the press and the military that had been built during World War II and the Korea War.