chapter  17
Epilogue: Citizenship and War
ByAdrian R. Lewis
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Traditionally the Army has been "too small to do what the Nation asked". And, traditionally, the government has called upon the American people to serve as soldiers during times of war, to make the Army big enough to win wars and win the peace, and big enough to achieve political objectives. The draft ended in 1973, but it was not until 2005 that the new American practice of war was confirmed. In 2005, when it became evident that the Army and Marine Corps were too small to carry out all the assigned missions to achieve political objectives in Iraq and Afghanistan, the White House and Pentagon could not call upon the American people to make up for their miscalculations, flawed strategies, and intelligence and foreign policy failures. The military cluster, the small professional army, fought the two long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and made all the sacrifices.