chapter  1
War and Culture: An Analytical Approach
ByAdrian R. Lewis
Pages 488

War is in human nature and the human condition. War is not a "cultural phenomenon". The conduct of war is a function of culture. War is a historical force, and a necessary force in human development. War will come to an end only when humanity comes to an end. To be sure, Western democracies will again fight total wars, which will require the active, willing support and participation of the people. The conduct of war–the way nations go about fighting–is a function of culture. Culture decisively influences the conduct of war. In fact, it is impossible to understand the actions of a nation at war without some understanding of its culture. The modern nation-state is the most powerful historic force in history. Military organizations develop doctrines and technologies to employ their forces in battles and campaigns in ways that are culturally regular and achieve the desired results.