chapter  3
The Legacy of World War II: Man versus Machine
ByAdrian R. Lewis
Pages 453

In the nature of the Army's mission it is the soldier himself who, as a tactical entity of combat, must fight and control the battle. To wield the power of his hardware he must enter the battle personally; indeed, no means are likely ever to be developed which will permit him to control the battlefield without entering and occupying it. While World War II was rich in new technologies and doctrines, at the end of the war, four offensive campaign-winning doctrines claimed decisiveness. The US Army employed two offensive campaign-winning, ground warfare doctrines in World War II, Infantry and Armor. The history of the US Army is the history of the United States, the state, and the history of the American people, the nation. At every critical moment in the nation's history, from the American Revolution, through the Civil War, the US Army was there, a major determinant in the unfolding of history and the shaping of the post-war world.