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People as Psychologists

Common sense Psychology

Common sense understanding of the world is to do with psychological reality. In Psychology and Common Sense, Joynson argues that human beings aren't, like the objects of natural science. Joynson goes on to say that the Psychologist has often reacted to this problem by simply ignoring it, or by denying that the layperson understands needs to be taken seriously. 'Behaviourist Manifesto', argued that Psychology must be purely objective, excluding all subjective data or interpretations in terms of conscious experience. He redefined Psychology as 'the science of behaviour' instead of the 'science of mental life'; all reference to mental concepts was 'banned' from Behaviourism. Experiment in psychology, by contrast, typically operates over short periods of time, in very restricted environments, and on narrow segments of behaviour. Kelly's Personal Construct Theory (PCT) adopts a phenomenological approach to the study of personality: it attempts to understand people in terms of their experience and perception of the world.