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People as organisms


Biopsychology is concerned with how things work in the 'here and now', that is the immediate determinants of behaviour. A biological perspective can provide clear insights into what causes people to behave in particular ways. G. F. Stout referred to the belief held by some physiologists that 'the only way of explaining the phenomena of consciousness is by connecting them with the physical phenomena of the brain and nervous system'. The development of anatomy and physiology helped to focus attention on the brain as the key to understanding behaviour and the mind. However, starting in the 1990s, non-invasive scanning/imaging techniques became the major tool of neuroscientists trying to monitor brain activity as a whole. Animals are sometimes used in practical teaching within Psychology degree courses, and increasingly animals are being used in various forms of psychological therapy. Comparative neuroanatomical research emphasizes continuity across species with regard to the central nervous system (CNS).