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Individuals as driven by unconscious forces

Psychodynamic Psychology

Freud's psychoanalytic methods evolved alongside the associated explanations of what lay at the root of his patients' problems, namely unresolved unconscious conflicts, often stemming from childhood trauma. Freud likens the 'discovery' of the role of the unconscious as the main force in our mental lives to the Copernican revolution in astronomy and Darwin's proof of the descent of human beings from the animal kingdom. If there's one feature of the Freudian unconscious that makes it distinctive from all other accounts, it's the part played by repression. In terms of Jung's Analytical Psychology, repressed material that plays such a crucial role in the Freudian unconscious represents only one kind of unconscious content. For Jung, the Freudian unconscious is predominantly 'personal', composed of the individual's particular and unique experiences. Freud's theories on women's sexuality pervaded popular consciousness and were also incorporated into everyday medical opinion and practice.