chapter  18
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Prospects for the Twenty-First Century

ByWilliam Douglas Woody, Wayne Viney

In this chapter, the author explores trends that are surfacing in the early decades of the twenty-first century. He discusses the topics such as globalization, health, disciplinary identity, legal issues, education, and faith. The author also addresses important events in psychology as characterized in the Hoffman Report. He deals with the problem of disciplinary as well as personal identity in the context of increasing global perspectives and multiculturalism. Trends toward globalization and multiculturalism have implications for organizations as well as individuals. Psychology, as a formal discipline, was born in Europe and extended quickly to the United States. There is increasing awareness that an adequate modern psychology in a globalized world must be informed by robust multiple engagements. The psychology of health and health maintenance—health psychology—has been one of the fastest growing interest areas in the larger discipline. Health psychologists explore an enormous range of issues and problems that relate to health and health maintenance.