chapter  3
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Ancient Psychological Thought

ByWilliam Douglas Woody, Wayne Viney

Psychological thought is global and is one of the ways humans deal with the mysteries of life. Ancient writings are rich in speculative as well as practical psychology. In a survey of the social history of Chinese psychology, Petzold called attention to "the special sensitivity of psychology to political and ideological influences". The concepts of yin and yang dominated ancient Chinese philosophy and psychology. Chinese thought opened the door to a physiological psychology where the mind is as significant as the body. In many ancient civilizations, science cannot be easily separated from religion. In ancient Egypt, prevailing religious perspectives influenced many ideas about psychology. The cursing of a name, the succession of names from one generation to the next, or the destruction of a name, had great psychological significance. Jewish philosophy and psychology developed in the context of radical monotheism. Philosophies of being and becoming offer different implications for psychology.