chapter  3
Latinos and the Early Years
Early Development and Learning Critical for Positive Outcomes
ByEugene E. García, Mehmet “Dali” Ӧztürk
Pages 15

This chapter reviews relevant research on guiding principles, programs, practices and strategies that promote positive developmental and educational outcomes for Latinos in early developmental and early learning settings. Research in parental engagement in their children's education indicates that it produces positive results within the educational community and the children's learning. The chapter reviews relevant research on features of high–quality developmental interventions for infants and toddlers generally and early learning interventions to arrive at findings and conclusions about effective practices for the youngest and growing Latino population. There is a pressing need to promote high–quality early childhood experience (ECE) for Latino children. In the overall understanding on the Latino achievement gap, realizes the participation in high–quality ECE can eliminate the achievement gap at kindergarten for this growing population. The solution offered by recent empirical evidence suggests that not offering these children a high–quality ECE experience places them in an uneven competitive position at the beginning of their mandated K—12 schooling experience.