chapter  7
Future Educational Circumstances of the Latino Students
We Know So Much More
ByEugene E. García, Mehmet “Dali” Ӧztürk
Pages 18

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the concepts covered in the preceding chapters of this book. The book discusses conceptual framework that stresses the social processes and institutions in which these students reside, their individual/psychological attributes and their cultural roots. It specifically acknowledges how socially constructed disadvantages take on special significance for schooling in the United States and that Latinos have access to a rich repertoire of social/cultural/linguistic capital that has not been recognized and has often been disparaged by education policies and practices of the learning institutions that they attend. The book summarizes the significance of preK for Latinos—a resource that can make a difference for all children. Its emphasis on the early education of Latinos in the United States, has attempted to further contextualize understanding of the education in this country through the discussion of culture. The book ends with an optimistic note in presenting a future scenario for Latino students and American society in general.