chapter  10
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Disorders of grammar and comprehension

Expressing language coherently and understanding it are at the heart of the purpose of grammar and comprehension, making them crucial aspects of communication. Grammar concerns rules of language and involves putting words together to make coherent spoken or written sequences. It comprises syntax (rules for making words into sentences) and morphology (grammatical changes relating to particular words). Difficulties with grammar may be in understanding the significance of grammatical structures used by others (receptive). They may involve problems in using grammar appropriately and understandably (expressive). The two are related so that expressive grammar is likely to be impaired if an individual has receptive problems with grammar. This chapter focuses on the prevalence of language impairment which relates to expressive language, of which grammar is a major part. Difficulties with comprehension relate to other aspects of language and communication. Planning subjects across the curriculum can build in support for comprehension.