chapter  3
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Emperor Shizong of the Nüzhen Jin Dynasty (1123–1189, reigned 1161–1189)

Emperor Shizong, or Jin Shizong 金世宗, personal name Wanyan Yong 完顏雍, was the fifth emperor of the Nüzhen Jin Dynasty.7 He reigned for twenty-eight years, a period known as the Dading era. The chapter “On Literature and Arts” 文藝傳 (“Wenyi zhuan”) of the Jin History 金史 (Jin shi) observed that during his reign scholarship prospered. Emperor Shizong, who was conversant with the Chinese classics but actively promoted Nüzhen culture, set up a translation bureau at his court to translate Chinese literature and classics into the Nüzhen language. He also selected some thirty scholars to study ancient Chinese classics, statecraft and strategy, and write poetry. He selected his officials through an examination system on Chinese lines. In 1175 he decreed the translation of Chinese classics under the supervision of Zong Bi 宗壁 (dates unknown) and others, and put the editorial work under the charge of the Hongwenguan 弘文館 (Institute for the Advancement of Literature), which was responsible for translation and cultural promotion.