chapter  3
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Scaff olding a Study

Scaff olding a study sets up the initial position from which you will build out your design plan. Decisions you make in this stage can have a signifi cant impact throughout the project. The scaff olding process feels something like preparing the ground upon which you want to put up a tent for the night. First, you need to survey the broad optionsshould you position it on high ground or low, near trees or out in the open? You may have some fundamental requirements (relatively fl at, near the campfi re) and some less pressing but still important considerations (angle of sunrise, proximity to neighbors). Taking all of these into account, you decide on the general spot and then survey it for the specifi c implications of how it will position your tent fl oor (Are there rocks that you can’t relocate? Knobby tree roots in the way? Swarms of nesting insects in that particular spot?). What you discover may lead you to rethink your initial location decision. Having determined the specifi c spot, you will want to comb the ground for sharp stones that may puncture your sleeping mattress, or cover it with soft grasses to buff er natural bumps in the terrain. You may also want to trench the perimeter of the tent fl oor space to encourage an appropriate fl ow of drainage. Only then are you prepared to put up the tent, ensuring that each peg is in its proper place and each rope is appropriately taut. This exercise becomes natural to seasoned campers because they fully appreciate the implications of failure to go through each step in sequence. When the deluge of rain comes, as it inevitably will one night, the carefulness of this preparation will distinguish the camper in the soggy sleeping bag from the one who has a dry and enjoyable camping experience.