chapter  5
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Strategizing a Creditable Study

Following upon the logic of the philosophical underpinnings under which you are operating and having worked out some basic elements of design, you are ready to expand on the “bare bones” of your interpretive description study proposal with some more concrete and explicit decisions relating to such matters as sampling, general data collection and analysis options, and the manner in which you will build into your design those elements that will ensure the credibility of your fi nal product. If you are a newer researcher, you’ll fi nd that these decisions are quite challenging, since each of them does have signifi cant implications, few of which will be fully apparent to you until you have run up against them in the fi eld. However, we all had to learn once, and if you do have access to mentors and guides who have gone through all of the steps of a study before, you can minimize the overwhelming feeling of panic that is fairly common in these early conceptual stages.