chapter  6
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Entering the Field

Having thought through a study proposal, you are ready to move into conversations about the actual process of conducting an interpretive description. As with any design, there can be a gap between the articulation of an idea in the proposal stage and the actual doing once you have clearance to go forward. What can read as a simple line within a proposal (such as “once I have gained entry into the fi eld”) can turn out to be a complicated and diffi cult dynamic once the very real nuances of your particular situation reveal themselves and you are faced with dilemmas for which you may not have been prepared. This again is a time in which colleagues and mentors who have walked the path of research before in your settings can be invaluable, and if you haven’t cultivated such colleagues before this stage, this might be the appropriate moment! In this and the following four chapters, I will discuss the kinds of representation and responsibility issues that commonly arise for newer researchers in particular, and will present some thoughts about solutions.