chapter  2
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Cultivating Questions in the Applied Practice Field

WHAT’S THE QUESTION? Research questions don’t simply materialize out of thin air. In the context of such disciplines as those within applied health, they very clearly derive from the universe of clinical and practical problems for which the available knowledge is insuffi cient. Beyond their contextual origins in the practice setting, research questions also have explicit derivation within the academic “project” of various disciplines-in other words, they require a grounding within a reason for inquiry before the specifi c new question makes any sense. This disciplinary orientation is what distinguishes a research question from one that is merely journalistic or curiosity driven. Indeed anyone can gather data and make claims (as the internet explosion so powerfully illustrates), but only those who have credibly located themselves within the scholarship of a discipline and/or the mandate of a profession can legitimately generate qualitative fi ndings that will have meaning as a form of empirical disciplinary knowledge.