chapter  2
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Change Agents

Beyond the Melodrama
WithJune Carolyn Erlick

Mexico is a country of a very screwed over humble class, who are never going to stop being screwed over. It is an obligation of television to bring entertainment to those people and take them away from their sad reality and difficult future. Telenovelas offer models of patterns of behavior. They allow their viewers to identify with them and sometimes to firmly reject what they are seeing. They provide images of change, of possible social mobility. Telenovelas are often a shared experience between classes; they are discussed in the kitchen, in the beauty parlor, in the nail salon and on the chauffeured ride to work or school. In the urban areas, the rich and poor lived in completely different neighborhoods; the poor went to public schools that barely educated them, if they could manage to go to school at all, and the rich went to elite private schools.