chapter  6
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November 1581

A.D. 1581, 6th November. Letter from Tsar Ivan Vasil'yevich to Nikita Stroganov about his sending his men to the aid of Semen and Maksim Stroganov against the Pelym prince and the Voguls.

From Tsar and Great Prince Ivan Vasil'yevich of All Russia to Nikita, son of Grigorey, Stroganov. Semen and Maksim Stroganov have humbly petitioned us and have said: the Pelym prince together with the Voguls have attacked their settlement, burnt down many villages, and are carrying peasants into captivity. And now the Pelym prince is encamped with the Voguls near the Chyusovaya fort. They beg our favour to order fighting men to be sent to them from Perm' the Great. They say that you are not joining them against the Voguls and are not helping them with men. When you receive this our letter you are to send as many men as needed with those of Semen and Maksim to fight the Voguls, and your men are to stand as one with those of Semen and Maksim, and defend themselves together with them. Orders have been given to district headmen to gather men from Perm' for help, and to send them, taking the men into account according to what number of Vogul warriors come, and to order them to stand together as one with