chapter  7
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January 1584

Bolkhovskoy had been ordered to take 50 mounted men from you from your forts for our service on a winter campaign in Sibir'. Now the rumour has reached us that it is impossible to go on horseback to Sibir' in winter. We have ordered Prince Semen not to march now to Sibir' from Perm' till spring and its floodwaters, and not to take the fifty mounted men from you into our army as had been ordered, and we have ordered Prince Semen when starting for Sibir' in spring to take from you for our forces and stores 15 boats fully fitted out, such as can carry 20 men with their stores each, and have ordered him not to take from you fighting men, carts, guides and fodder. And we have given orders not to cause any harm to you, your men and peasants on their way to Sibir'. When this letter reaches you, immediately give orders to prepare for our army for the spring and the arrival of Prince Semen Bolkhovskoy I 5 good boats fully fitted out which will each carry 20 men and their stores. And when in spring Prince Semen Bolkhovskoy, or the commanders I van Kireyev1 and I van Glukhov come to Sibir' with our army and supplies, you are to hand over immediately these fully fitted out boats for our army and supplies to Prince Semen Bolkhovskoy or the commanders I van Kireyev and I van Glukhov so that they should not be delayed in your forts because of the boats. But if you do not speedily provide boats for our fighting men with all ships' supplies, but bring harm to our cause, then you will incur our great displeasure. Written in Moscow in the year 7092 [1584], on the 7th day of January.