chapter  2
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Management Using the Virtual Team Global Business Model

The Virtual Team Global Business Model can be adapted to higher education. Instructional designers (ISDs) take on the role management serves in the business environment. ISDs design the course, set goals, objectives, and create tasks in this application, assignments following the VTML. ISDs meet with instructors to discuss the assignments and expectations during Communication Phase 1. The instructors ultimately facilitate the teams and assign a student virtual team guide (VTG) to help collect students' assignment submissions. Unlike the business environment, the role of student virtual team guides doesn't involve ensuring that all the work is completed. They are responsible for guiding the team, organizing meetings, and compiling the team members' task submissions into one document for grading. Finally, the students are the virtual team members who collaborate to complete their assignments. Preparation conflict can also result from students not understanding their assignments. Technical issues must be considered with team assignments as well.