chapter  3
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Team Leaders or Project Managers Using the Virtual Team Global Business Model

The Virtual Team Global Business Model offers ways to develop skills, work effectively, and solve problems when collaborating remotely. Distance education and working collaboratively have become more prevalent for a variety of reasons, ranging from cost-effectiveness to using geographically dispersed employees skills in a more manageable way. One important aspect of the Virtual Team Global Business Model, with its focus on accountability and communication, is that management provides the driving force for the entire project. They don't leave their virtual teams to work alone. Management adopts the people-driven philosophy underpinning the VTML, not a technology-driven philosophy. In the VTML, management initiates the hierarchical process. Clear communication and e-communication flow are pivotal to the success of virtual teams. Process standards are the guidelines that are critical to each stage of development. Team leaders or project managers have management as an information resource, and can refer to management throughout the process if there are any problems they cannot deal with themselves.