chapter  8
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Women’s Associations

The study of regional voluntary associations has been developed in anthropology within the context of urbanization and migration. Sutton (1978) and Kenna (1983) focus on migrant associations in Athens within the context of ruralurban migration. Sutton (1978: 242) looked at these associations as an attempt to counteract the politico-economic imbalance between the city and the Greek countryside, while Kenna (1983) looked at the interaction and rivalry between islanders and migrants. Studies on associations declined in the early 1980s, with the change of focus in social anthropology from societies, structures, organizations and typologies to cultures, systems of meaning, symbols and relationships (Marcus and Fischer 1986). The work on associations declined since, until Aspraki’s (2004) study of voluntary associations in Karagatsi, a village in central Greece. She shows how intergroup and interpersonal dynamics lead to tensions, crises and ultimately friction.