chapter  2
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Women, geographic knowledge, and mobility

ByChristina E. Dando

Women in the Progressive Era found greater mobility during the time thanks to the technological advances of the age, especially the bicycle and then the automobile. Both the bicycle and the automobile introduced new methods of mobility that involved new practices and new knowledge's, including new geographies. This chapter explores the new geographical knowledge's needed and created by these new mobilities by American women. The bicycle was at the center of the transformation in American women's lives in the late nineteenth century. Women's adoption of the bicycle was the result of a complex set of advancements: innovations in technology that produced a bicycle that women could easily ride, progress culturally that opened the door on women's mobility including attitudes about women's social place, about women's clothing, about women's place in public, improvements in production that made the bicycle and its related paraphernalia affordable for a wider number of Americans.