chapter  1
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Media Production and Culture Industries

This chapter discusses how audiences as commodities or raw material can be related to readers, viewers, listeners and media users as constructors of identities and social difference. It helps to understand the mechanisms of media engagement we need to understand the underlying forms of value produced by both the media and culture industries as well as individuals engaging in media use. The chapter discusses the production of social difference within what Bourdieu would call fields of consumption, or, in the words of Baudrillard, the sphere where the consumption of sign commodities produce social difference. As we have entered the age of digital reproduction, ordinary media users have increasingly gained access to means of production in the form of cheap, accessible and easily operated personal computers. With these means of production, the construction of media content becomes more accessible to users. In a way the two active audiences, as they were theorised in the pre-digital world of media production and consumption.