chapter  3
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New Organisational Forms of Value Production

This chapter discusses the commodities and objects that circulate in the production-consumption circuits surrounding media. It explains there has been a profound reshaping of the circulating commodities, from having been in the form of either texts or audiences to a situation in which these two commodities are changing in shape and form. There are four kinds of sign objects and commodities: media content, media audiences, the traffic commodity, and brands. The chapter discusses the objects and commodities to the fields of production and consumption, pointing especially to the consequences digitisation has on the circulation of these. This includes role in fields of signification to the regulative frameworks of the digital economy. Bourdieu's discussion on the production of other kinds of symbolic value. He also has little to say about media production, it is possible to account for how different kinds of symbolic capital can relate to one another in the distribution and production of difference related to social life.