chapter  9
Solid Waste Disposal and Sanitation Technologies, and Determinants of Access to Improved Sanitation
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In a way, garbage and sanitation are similar to death. Like death, both issues are inescapable, but unpleasant to discuss. Hardly anyone considers trash and excreta issues that can or should be broached at the dining table. Yet, matters of trash and excreta must be dealt with in one way or another wherever there is human activity. People have always been preoccupied with questions of solid and human wastes since the genesis of human settlements. Therefore, there is hardly a society in existence without its own indigenous technology or system of handling garbage and faecal matter. However, it is erroneous to assume that all garbage and/or excreta disposal technologies and systems are environmentally, economically and socio-culturally sustainable. Clearly, some technologies and systems fair better than others from a sustainability perspective. However, the dearth of knowledge on this subject has deprived interested parties of the opportunity to compare and contrast these technologies.