chapter  2
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Sustainability, Land Degradation and Peri-Urban Expansion

The next two chapters will provide the contextual background and necessary defi nitions for the empirical chapters of the book which will follow later. In this chapter, an attempt is made to clarify the meanings of terms and key concepts that are referred to throughout the study, and to briefl y sketch out the links between them. Specifi c attention is focused on three core conceptual areas that continuously surface throughout the book and require further elaboration. The discussion begins by exploring the crucial variable of ‘sustainability’, as it relates specifi cally to the dynamics of environmental change and livelihoods in the Kano CSZ. The contribution of the ‘capitals’ school to the sustainability debate is reviewed, and is considered in relation to discussions of environmental change. Although the capitals framework is not specifi cally operationalized to analyse the sustainability of livelihoods in the research conducted for this book, an appreciation of the main tenets of the approach provides a useful background for the discussion which will follow in subsequent chapters.