chapter  3
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Global Mobilities

In the symposium ‘Critical Practice in a Globalizing World’ held in October 2006 at

the University of Washington in Seattle, the architect Craig Dykers noted that at any

one time there are 1.4 million people in the air. Since 1989, when his Oslo-based firm

Snøhetta won the Bibliotheca Alexandrina competition in Egypt, Dykers has been

one of those air-based individuals and at present continues to commute between Oslo and New York City for the design of the World Trade Center Cultural Center. As part

of an increasing population of globalized ‘suitcase’ architects who live and practice in

geographic locations remotely removed from their building sites, Dykers represents a

generation whose professional routines are facilitated by a close proximity to international traffic networks and hubs, as well as by the extensive use of the Internet.