chapter  4
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Claims of the Global Indigenous Movement

This chapter discusses the main claims pressed by the global indigenous movement and objections raised to them. Drawing on Tennant’s (1994) distinction between substantive and procedural ‘claims of the resistance’, it distinguishes between demands of a substantive and institutional nature, though evidently the two sets of claims are interlinked. The success of institutional claims, broadly understood as claims pressing for greater openness and inclusiveness in institutional processes and systems, is frequently a precursor to issue creation and the voicing of demands of a substantive nature. In the particular case of indigenous peoples, moreover, institutional claims focusing on meaningful participation and inclusion UHÀHFWWKHPRYHPHQW¶VFRUHVXEVWDQWLYHFODLPVLQEHLQJFHQWUDOWRWKHHQDFWPHQW of self-determination.