chapter  4
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Strategic Renewal

This chapter explores the specific potential to meaningfully engage with the transformational capacity embedded in nature as well as with culture. It illustrates how the combination of the two can become a key source of knowledge creation and innovation. The chapter addresses the recognition and activation of the cultural force within a culture, and thereby relates to the local identity of a social system. It demonstrates the relevance of meaningful co-creation between the local and the global. The chapter includes the examples of indigenous cultural forces, from African Ubuntu to Japanese Kyosei, from Nordic Naringsliv to Anglo-Saxon Individuation. In the civic sector, organizations like the South African university CIDA, at a critical stage of its development, was trying to reconnect to its cultural force by integrating African cultural concepts in the curriculum. More recently, in the process of its organizational and academic renewal, CIDA is aiming to re-root itself in the Pan-African philosophy of Ubuntu.