chapter  6
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Culture and Transformation

Science covers all knowledge disciplines: the natural as well as the social sciences and humanities. From the southern world of nature we include ecology and biology, if not also anthropology, while, from the eastern world of culture we re-discovered the relevance of disciplines such as anthropology, depth psychology, philosophy and history. The societal core, where physical and human nature, as well as culture, arts and religion are lodged, is home to the transformational flows as well as to the transcultural forces. The chapter explores the emergence of business school in America and examines the role of university in society from an American perspective. The American political philosopher Allan Bloom, writing a bestseller in the late 1980's on The Closing of the American Mind, thought profoundly about the university's role in wider world. For Immanuel Wallerstein, from the outset, social science is an enterprise of the modern world.