chapter  2
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The Four Fundamentals of Transformation Management

This chapter demonstrates the relevance for self, organizational and societal transformation based on the transformational flow. In the approach to Transformation Management, self, organization and society then constitute the theatre of action bearing upon transformation. The transformation of living systems, then, is an ongoing spiralling process, serving to continuously renew an interweaving self, organization and society. Whereas most transformationally oriented thinkers, like Senge, Moore, Homer Dixon and Hopkins tend to focus on either organizational or else self-transformation. The chapter introduces South Africa's Nelson Mandela; organizationally it focuses on Bangladesh's Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank; and in the societal case it illustrates the story of Sultan Qaboos and the Sultanate of Oman. It focuses on the organizational life cycle, drawing on Bernard Lievegoed. Lievegoed was one of the major path breakers in organizational development. He described three phases typical in the development of organizations: pioneering phase; phase of differentiation and phase of integration.