chapter  2
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A Future and a Past for Newsprint

The key to the health or otherwise of newspapers is of course economics: they are hugely profitable; many fortunes have been built in newspaper publishing over the last 200 years. They are also hugely expensive enterprises. Indeed, the cost of newsprint is so high that the cover price does not even pay for the paper on which the news is printed. However, one commentator has suggested that paper, free or purchased, will in the future only be a lure to get readers to news websites: The free copy of the Manchester Evening News which was thrust into my hand this week contained in the top right-hand corner of the first of its 52 pages a box hinting at the reason for the turning-away from print journalism. In other words, the contrast between text and background on the newsprint was constantly changing. Ronald W. Zweig, Lessons from the Palestine Post Project', Literary and Linguistic Computing.