chapter  4
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US Electoral Assistance in the PT

In this chapter the aim is to provide an in-depth analysis of the US’s electoral assistance policy in the PT. The ¿rst step to do so is to generally examine the US’s institutional setting in which foreign policy unfolds (that is, decision-makers, their voting process, legal procedures and the follow-up mechanisms available to them). The second step is to systematically explore the US’s electoral assistance policymaking process in the PT by looking at the decision-making phase (that is, policy framework, strategy and budget allocation) and decision-implementation phase (that is, instruments and method). The third step is to investigate the US’s normative and strategic interests, as well as the internal and external factors that could inÀuence these interests and in turn the US’s actions. The fourth step is to critically evaluate the limitations facing the US’s electoral assistance policy in the PT by looking at this policy’s sustainability, clarity, responsiveness and consistency.