chapter  8
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WithVian Bakir

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts covered in the preceding chapters of this book. The book aim was to identify and use theory as a tool capable of flexibly delivering a detailed yet insightful account, while also providing structural clarity to what became an ever-expanding data morass. To pursue their aims, new terminology was generated. The Bush and Blair Administrations identified the notion of new terrorism, embodied by al-Qaeda, arising from a combination of the new terrorists global reach, fluid, networked formation and extensive weapons capability. As the torture-intelligence programme became known through early claims of torture, attempts at maintaining secrecy prevailed through delegitimizing the informants. Persuasive discursive activity included the propagation and repetition of a few key messages consistently over time, with the aim of misdirecting public attention from the secretive and silence-generating activities. Identifying and avoiding misdirection is therefore a central skill needed by those who would engage with, and challenge, SPC.